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Killearn Estates is a prestigious neighborhood located in the northeast section of Leon County, Florida. Killearn Estates is renowned for its luxurious residences, impeccably manicured surroundings, and thriving community, providing residents with an extraordinary living experience. With its convenient location, beautiful surroundings, and numerous amenities, Killearn Estates is regarded as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the Tallahassee area.


Killearn Estates is located in the lovely surroundings of North Florida. The area has hills, old trees, and neat streets. It's a big neighborhood with different kinds of house designs, from classic to modern, making the place special.

The geography of Killearn Estates provides residents with access to beautiful parks, recreational facilities, and scenic walking trails. The neighborhood features several man-made lakes and ponds, offering peaceful views and opportunities for fishing and boating. Additionally, Killearn Estates is in close proximity to numerous golf courses, providing residents with recreational options for enthusiasts of the sport.


Killearn Estates has a population of approximately 7,000 residents. The neighborhood attracts a mix of individuals and families who appreciate the upscale living experience and sense of community that Killearn Estates offers.

In Killearn Estates, there are a mix of people, including professionals, business leaders, and families looking for a good lifestyle. Many choose to live here because it's close to important workplaces, schools, and healthcare facilities in Tallahassee. Families especially like the 

The community in Killearn Estates is close-knit, with an active neighborhood association and involvement in local events. There are regular get-togethers, social activities, and holiday events that create a friendly atmosphere among residents.

For convenience, Killearn Estates has local shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Nearby shopping centers offer even more choices for shopping and dining, making it easy for residents to access various amenities and services.

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